Words of Wit and Wisdom,
of Love and of Longing

Was there ever a television show with dialogue as full of humor,
truth, knowledge, beauty and passion as that spoken on Beauty and the Beast?

For your enjoyment, we've gathered snippets of conversations
and memorable quotes which are sure to make you smile and sigh.

Each day of Winterfest we will have a different subject.
Feel free to add your own comments and quotes!

Which quotes will be fandom’s favorites?


~ "Would you care for a game?"

~ "OK good. Ok fine."

~ "... it's warm, and it's safe."

~ "Oh joy, the titwillow is back."

~ "Sometimes, we must leave our safe places..."

~ "There has never been anyone like me before."

~ "We must go with courage, and we must go with care."

~ "Whatever happens, whatever comes... "

~ "Which are fandom's favorite quotes?"


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