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Winterfest Online 2007

January 6 - 14
Vincent races via subway to bring you the latest news

Monday, January 15, 2007

The ebay auctions to benefit CARE have ended, totally $327.17. Together with $185 donations in cash, we've raise $512.17! Thank you, all who contributed! (If you were too busy winterfesting before to get to it, there's still time, but please hurry.)

I added a survey results link on the left, in case you're curious. We don't really want you taking the survey additional times to satisfy that curiosity. ;-)

Sunday, January 14, 2007, update 4

This is our final update this year, we think. ;-) We've had a ball. We hope you have too. The closing ceremonies are not to be missed! There's a LOT of stuff on that page, including the convention history project and a link to the website of the 20th anniversary con in Los Angeles. Don't forget to scroll down for more treats!

The "special" chat transcripts have been posted on the chat schedule page.

The final survey is available. You can help us immensely by taking a few minutes of your time and answering some simple questions about you, BATB, fandom and Winterfest Online. We depend on YOUR feedback. Your responses will help shape the future of Winterfest Online.

If you submitted things to Winterfest, you are of course free to post them elsewhere now, and we encourage you to do so. If you don't know where to post them, email us for options.

If you loved the Candlelight Creations, you'll be pleased to know they have a new home on - soon.  Passage and Quotes and MR's My Two Cents are also taking up residence there.

Winterfest Online will be going into archive mode as soon as the candlemakers catch up on their sleep and household chores and personal hygiene and whatnot. ;-) It should be up a few more days at least. The interactive features (apart from the games), will be going down relatively soon - before the spammers find them. Interviews and suchlike will be up semi-permanently.

Sunday, January 14, 2007 update 3

Some on the yahoogroup requested Bless the Beasts and the Children and Joe's Fantasy, music vids from last year by Candlelight Creations and Deb/mahjafo, respectively. Here they are.

At least one more update to come. Please check back for closing ceremonies and our parting survey. Your feedback is important and helpful to us.

Sunday, January 14, 2007 update 2

This might be the last day of Winterfest Online 2007 - or it might not, LOL! - but the party goes on. RL intervenes, and we don't have everything up yet, so look for another update still. (And here I thought I was kidding about the last update being on Monday! Hehe.)
  • Visit the world candle map and read all the beautiful sentiments left by all your fellow BATB fans. See if you can find the candles lit by Jay Acovone and Lee Holdridge.
  • We have another treasure for you, a new piece of artwork. But you must put together a jigsaw puzzle to see what it could be. We promise, you won’t be disappointed. (And for those of you who don't like jigsaws, there's an easy mode, don't fret.)
  • If you haven't given your feedback in any other way, please feel free to leave comments in the guestbook found in the Great Hall or on the What’s New page. We would sincerely appreciate hearing from you.
  • One last interview has been posted, with a couple of the gals from the LA con com. Check 'em out.
  • If you missed the YM talent show, you missed some really great stuff! Just so you don't feel too left out, some have sent their performances in mp3 format. Have a listen in the talent show page.

Sunday, January 14, 2007 update 1

Last night's chat with Lee Holdridge was a great time! Come join us now - 2pm EST - on Yahoo messenger as we chat with Judy Shimizu, a B&B fan who was also an extra on the show! Also, her interview is up. Have a look.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Where did the week go? Today begins the eighth day of Winterfest! So much still to do… so little time!!

You won't want to miss our chat with Lee Holdridge today at 7pm EST. Come meet and greet the man who wrote the theme for Beauty and the Beast and added so much to the episodes with his beautiful music. We will be using a new chat room! Here is the link, and it's also linked from the chat schedule page:

And to get warmed up, come and join us in that same chat room for our SND chat scheduled for 4pm EST. Just what is the best SND idea out there? (And just what is the best chatroom? <g>)

Lynne Wexler's Denying the Dark, a full zine Finally Online for your enjoyment, premieres today.

New things in the Games Nook!

  • The children of the tunnels have gotten together for a game of hide and seek and have issued a challenge to the fans to find them. They have scattered throughout the tunnels. Good Luck!
  • Also new is a Beauty and the Beast all season crossword puzzle. See if you can fill in all the answers.

And more things coming later today. We hope. <g> (Have you noticed how the update gets later every day? Tomorrow's will be on Monday. Kidding! LOL!)

And guess what happens exactly one month from today? (Jumping up and down! Woohoo!)

Friday, January 12, 2007

Hello, hola, bonjour, hallo, ciao and gashi to all of you! As we head into the final weekend of our online get-together, we wonder how time has flown so quickly.

Today is a very special day. It's Vincent's birthday! As some of you will recall, we're doing something a little different this year, taking a step back in time to celebrate Vincent's 10th birthday. We have some lovely surprises for you and a few lighthearted activities ready on the birthday page. And fandom's quilt to Vincent is finished! Thank you all for your contributions. It makes a beautiful gift. (Dialup visitors, the quilt page is chock-full of images and you may have some trouble seeing it, so just for you we've made a screencap of it, which you can access at the left of the Updates page.)

We have some wonderful surprises for you! Saturday at 7PM EST, Lee Holdridge will be chatting with us! Brush up on Lee by reading our interview with this talented man posted yesterday. Then on Sunday, 2PM EST we will be chatting with Judy Shimizu, who appeared in BATB as an actual tunnel dweller! Mark your calendars. You won't want to miss either one. Stay tuned for more information.

Also, Saturday we have an SND chat at 4 pm EST. Join us as we discuss options for creating the definitive She's Not Dead story. Anyone interested in doing a role play chat tonight? Post on the yahoogroup if interested.

Have you dropped into the BATB bench project yet? Stop in and read all the lovely suggestions for the inscription on the almost-there Central Park Bench. Who knows, they might inspire you to add one of your own.

Our interview today is with Sally Newman, the founder of the oldest BATB outreach program, Father's Fan Fare. Read about how our beloved series has again touched so many lives.

As you have come to expect, all the daily activities have new challenges today. So after you've dropped in on Vincent's birthday party, you can visit your favorites haunts again for continuing fun.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Happy Thursday! We hope you're managing to get at least a little sleep in amongst all your merrymaking.
  • New tunnel folk have been added to our denizens page, including that poor girl from the Mosaic story! :-o Better check in on both of them. (And there's still time to add your own character.)
  • Today we present an extensive collection of B&B passages and quotes generously bestowed on Winterfest. If you're looking for that one special quote, odds are good you'll find it here.
  • There have been some interesting insights over in the essays/debates section. Pop by and add yours!
  • Today's interview is with Lee Holdridge, who wrote much of the music in our beloved show.
  • Mastered all the games in the Games Nook? Check out a new one, Hangword. It's Hangman with a twist. (You'll need Internet Explorer.)
  • Psst! Tomorrow is Vincent's birthday. Have you made a square for his quilt yet? Hurry now - you're running out of time!
  • So, is anyone here not yet addicted to youtube? There's some pretty cool BATB stuff on there lately! We've decided to dedicate a page to it today and have made a place for you to let us know about any other BATB youtube vids you're aware of. Share the joy! :-D
  • And speaking of sharing the joy, the talent show is coming up on Sunday. It will take place in Yahoo Messenger conference. Also, if you'd like to send us an mp3 of your performance, that would be, if anything, even better, as more of our Winterfest visitors could enjoy it. Come on, there's an awful lot of talented folks in this fandom - what have you got? :-)
Oh yes, all the daily updated stuff is updated again - we wouldn't want you to run out of things to do now, would we? ;-) Check out the links on the left of the Updates page for all the things you should check every day if you don't want to miss anything.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Welcome to the 5th and middle day of Winterfest Online 2007. We hope you enjoy the second half of WFOL as much as the first. In case our suggestions haven't made it plain, let's say it more bluntly: we're pretty sure you'll enjoy yourself more the more you participate, so leave a poem in the Daily Challenge, answer the Question of the Day, write a funny caption in the games, join a chat... well, you get the idea.

It's a new day and all the things we update every day have been - you guessed it - updated again! New roundrobin chapters, a new interview, and a new tunnel denizen has taken up residence Below.

Also the ebay auctions to benefit CARE have been posted. Visit the charity page to check them out.

Oh hey! The treasure hunt is today! This year's treasure hunt will take you far and wide, through steam tunnels and gutters and to visit multiple countries. Grab your flashlights and get ready to follow the clues to a treasure definitely worth finding at the end of your quest.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Day Four of Winterfest Online 2007 and there's no rest for the weary (especially us! LOL!)

Here's a quick rundown on what’s happening in our daily activities.
  • We've received $100 so far for the charity we've chosen this year, CARE. Please stop by the charity page and learn about their good works.
  • The Great Hall never looked so nice. Check out the new wallpaper by Corinne.
  • The last in our series of BATB shorts is now playing in the Candlelight Creations theater. If you like kisses... well, see for yourself.
  • New chapters in both of our roundrobins are waiting quietly to be read. Featured writers today are Lynn Wright, Classic and Goldie Jones, 3S.
  • The connection between BATB and poetry was never more obvious then in our Daily Word Challenges. Check out the beautiful and humorous submissions so far. Then write your own on today’s word, Joe.
  • Quotes and Question of the Day offer up wonderful thoughts and comments on a variety of topics.
  • Murder most foul is afoot in the tunnels. Read this year’s Mosaic Story and see if you can predict where the story will go. Better yet, write a line or two yourself.
  • Exercise those brain cells and add your view on one of our Essay/Debate topics or have some fun and create your very own new Tunnel Denizen.
  • The chatters have been meeting in Yahoo Messenger conference. There appears to be a strong preference for it over our new chatroom. If you want to join the chats, install YM and post your yahoo id in the wfol yahoogroup.
And new offerings continue to be added to the menu.
  • Here are a group of interviews we’re sure you're going to enjoy. We’ve asked three Vincent impersonators to tell us about themselves and their experiences as “Vincent.” Amazing is a good word to sum them up.
  • Looking for a quiet place to relax between all the activity and still be entertained? Drop in on our brand new Listening Chamber. Listen to poetry, or an excerpt from a favorite tale submitted by fans from around the world. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in the tunnels, perhaps sitting next to Vincent. (Don't sit next to Mouse - he fidgets too much.) 
  • Another new offering is an incredible collection of one fan’s ponderings on each of the first 44 episodes of BATB. A treasury of insight and thought provoking questions are the My Two Cents of Midnight Rose.
  • Learn about the project that seeks to put a BATB Bench in Central Park! It's close to being a reality! (I call dibs for sitting on it first! -J)

Monday, January 8, 2007

The weekend is now over but unlike Above, we’re going to continue to “Party hearty!”

First, just a small reminder of our daily updated activities:

Corinne continues to add her magic to the Great Hall with a lovely new wallpaper. We hoped you all joined Vincent as he opened the doors to the Great Hall. Our next BATB video short will give you a slightly different perspective. And the chuckles continue with Fun with Screencaptures from last year. Our Classic Roundrobin continues to unfold as Cynthia Hatch takes up the tale in Chapter Three. The Daily Word Challenges are truly a delight to read. Let’s see what today will bring as we focus on Elliot. And be sure to check out the Question and Quotes of the Day and the exciting Mosaic Story.

There is still time to add your own quilt square design to Vincent's birthday quilt.

As Ginger mentioned on the yahoogroup, someone substituted watercolors in the Painted Tunnels and they're not sticking! We contacted and they say they're aware of the problem but it won't be fixed for a couple of weeks! We'll see if we can find a substitute, or you can follow the directions Ginger posted.

Now onto a few new treats.

This year we have a special offering for our 3rd and all season fans. A 3S Roundrobin, first chapter by Rhonda Collins.

We’re all familiar with the tunnel dweller, William. Now get a glimpse of the man behind the actor in our next interview with Ritch Brinkley.

In one of our candle messages, we asked you to create new tunnel denizens. Have a look at what you came up with. If you haven't yet created one and would still like to, it's not too late! Send it to us at

BATB enlightened us and also engendered many questions. We proposed just five of these in our candle announcements and in returned received some wonderful and thought-filled responses. Visit the Essays/Debates chamber and after reading the current selections, add your “voice” to the debates. It’s a fantastic opportunity to discuss these topics with your fellow fans.

There are so many simple ways for you to participate in our celebration. We hope that you’ll leave a little part of yourself here each day.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Did you all enjoy your first day of Winterfest Online? (If not, you must have wandered out of the Great Hall and stumbled into the Abyss.) The fun continues today. 
  • A new wallpaper by Corinne is up in the Great Hall.
  • The second video in our series of BATB shorts is playing in our theater accompanied by another selection from last year’s offerings.
  • Our Classic Round Robin continues with Rosemarie Hauer writing the second Chapter.
  • The Daily Challenge is off to a great start! Be sure to stop in, read the wonderful poetry and write one of your own. Today’s character is Catherine.
  • The Mosaic Story is sounding VERY interesting.
Now a few NEW things to explore today.
  • A new cave was recently discovered where a community of artists have posted their BATB art on the walls. Be sure to stroll through the DeviantArt B&B Cave and enjoy these new finds.
  • Our first interview is available for your delight. Take a moment and learn about a very special group and the person behind the scenes. A wonderful conversation.
  • The Painted Tunnels are back by popular demand. Remember how you felt as a child with a new box of paints and a blank sheet of paper? Recapture that feeling by leaving something created by your inner child on the tunnel walls.
  • Our traditional Episode Discussion Chat is scheduled for 4PM EST. Join us as we all watch “Dead of Winter” together in our own homes. (Now isn’t that an interesting concept.)

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Welcome! Welcome to all who enter the Great Hall to celebrate with us Winterfest Online 2007! Despite the many gremlins that have haunted our workroom, our fourth Beauty and the Beast family reunion is ready to be enjoyed by all!! We have many familiar and favorite activities for you on this first day of festivities.

  • Winterfest just wouldn't be Winterfest without the Opening Ceremonies. Join Vincent as he opens the doors to the Great Hall. Then sit back and *listen* to the traditional opening words of this beloved celebration.
  • Lighting your candle on the world map is a MUST! Share the light and watch its glow spread across the world. Take a moment and write a note to your fellow BATB fans.
  • To make your experience the best it can be, you need to mingle. And there is no better place then the WFOL yahoo group, open 24-7 - but only during Winterfest! Catch up with old friends. Meet some new ones. Talk. Laugh. Share. Connect. Don't be surprised if Elizabeth and a few other tunnel dwellers show up periodically to say hello.
  • Winterfest is a *feast* for the eyes and ears, and the main entrees are the submissions sent in by the fans. The talent of this fandom is amazing and varied. Be sure to visit every chamber and sample all the wonderful *dishes* submitted for your pleasure.
  • The Games Nook is always a favorite spot to have some fun. We've come up with some new ones we hope you'll like. Stop back often, as more will be added as the week progresses.
  • The ever popular Round Robin two formats! We have a classic tale with the first and last chapters written by the same talented writer. AND, starting Monday, for the first time we have a Third Season Round Robin for our 3S and all season fans.
  • Our *walls* will again be beautifully decorated with Corinne's wallpapers. Look for a different one each day.
  • Candlelight Creations is back with nine new videos. Expect the unexpected as we start with a four part series of new BATB video shorts. Take a trip down memory lane as the WFOL 2006 vids make a return engagement.
  • Giving has always been a part of BATB fandom. Our charity this year is CARE. Be sure to stop in.To help raise donations, we have several ebay auctions planned. Who knows? You may just be the lucky winner of some BATB memoribilia.
  • Our dream has FINALLY become a reality. The first season of Beauty and the Beast is being released on DVD!!!! We have all the details and a great little video capturing the excitement of the news.
Ok. Take a breath.... Now, let's continue.

The best parties offer many ways to have fun and become involved. This year's Winterfest Online wants you to have the best experience ever, so we have LOTS of ways to participate, both old and new.

  • BATB and poetry go hand in hand. Last year's Daily Word Challenges were so much fun that it is back again. This year all our challenge words are people. Today's daily challenge features Father.
  • The Mosaic Story returns! Help your fellow fans write a thrilling adventure, a sweet romance, a puzzling line at a time. You never know which direction the storyline will take.
  • Vincent's quilt is still being sewn together so if you haven't added your quilt square, don't wait! Help us make this a very special gift to Vincent on his birthday.
  • New this year is the Quote of the Day. Each day we will offer up a group of beloved quotes for your enjoyment.
  • Also added to our menu this year is an activity called Question of the Day. We've gathered some simple but intriguing queries just waiting for you to leave a comment or two.
Remember, this is just the beginning! As the days progress, we will add more goodies to the table of Winterfest Online 2007. So be sure to come back often to the Great Hall. It's your place to be for fun and fellowship. Links to everything mentioned can be found along the left side of this page. (If you are on dialup, you may want to bookmark this as your Winterfest homepage instead of the Great Hall.)

Finally, we want to extend a warm invitation to everyone to come to our welcome chat at 9PM EST.

As always, if you have any problems or don't understand something, please don't be shy. We're all family. Drop a word on the WFOL yahoogroup, or contact us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The Wintercandlemakers