Treasure Hunt 2007                                                The challenge begins….

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Rectangular Callout: Hello?
Rectangular Callout: Anyone here?
Rectangular Callout: Mouse  looking for Treasure Hunters.
Rectangular Callout: Hello?
Rectangular Callout: Oh.  Good.  Better than Good.  Light helps.
Rectangular Callout: Father says send Treasure Hunters to CABB.




Or if the link is missing, you might try this one to the activity:




Cloud Callout: Huh.
People say Mouse  strange?   Who needs cab in tunnels?...
Rectangular Callout: Vincent and Father waiting on the other side.   Don’t be late. 
Mouse knows what late is.

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Please do NOT share shortcuts or answers on the discussion group.  The fun is in the discovery and the travel… not getting to the treasure first or fast.  You CAN help others by giving clues.  Many people do not appreciate spoilers.