My own words I wrote, it's a love recitation




By Fatimah


I stand before you asking for the pureness of your love and the heat of your heart.
Every day I walk with you inside me, so close I feel your presence surrounding me
comforting me, protecting me from wrong moves and thoughts.
Your heart has guided me well.
I move with the light you have placed inside my being.
Every move is made with you in mind and soul.
Each thought becomes you, each breath is for you,
every minute of the day is with you now,
forever and beyond.
I have been faithful to you from my time of being delivered
from myself and into the light.
I am yours, only yours,
take me and lift me higher,
so high I will hear only your voice.


You have lifted me higher...
than I ever thought I could fly.
I love you my Master.
with my words and my heart.



Background music:

Fairytale, Enya


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