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Reflections on B&B

Winterfest Online 2007

January 6 - 14



Beauty and the Beast means a lot to all of us. Every one of us has a different story to tell about the show.This year we are proposing you to write your opinion about five different subjects related to the show.Of course, we also welcome essays about any other subject B&B related.

This year we are using a blog for this section of Winterfest Online. Posting comments could be a tad fussy, that is why we are including some tips at the bottom of this page.


The topics proposed are:

-         Filming with Linda: After she decided to leave the series, Linda Hamilton offered to the producers ten working days to film new material to have her character quit, and we had the two episodes of Though Lovers Be Lost. How would you have used that time?

-         Tunnel Kids: Spread your wings Above or shine in the dark: what future do you see for the Tunnel kids?

-         Vincent’s Violence: Is Vincent's violence in protecting the tunnels and those he loves justified?

-         SND: There are many fans who don't accept Catherine's death, as it is shown in the episodes, and have dreamed of an alternate plot for the series, which brings Catherine back. It's the kind of story that our fandom calls She's Not Dead (SND). What is, in your opinion, the best plot, the most credible, or the one that fulfills you the most?

-         Father: Was Father a good father to Vincent?

-         Topics proposed by the fans: In this category we are going to include all those essays written by the fans that are not related to the five questions proposed this year.


Directions to post comments:

-         At the bottom of all the comments in the topic click on the link “post a comment”, not the link that says Post Comment (Atom).

-         In the comment window that pops up, you'll see in the left column all the comments that have been posted so far. Type yours in the space provided on the right.

-         Choose how to sign your post. If you have a google ID and you are signed in, that is the identity the blog will default to. If you don't have a google ID, choose Other and type the name you want to be identified by.

-         If you want to see how your post will look, click Preview. Be sure to click “Publish your comment” when you are done.

-         If you have troubles posting that these tips don’t cover, let us know and we will help you out.