June 18th, 1988

First Beauty and the Beast Convention


Hyatt Hotel

Guests: Ron Perlman, David Schwartz



August 1988

Roy Dotrice Reunion 2
Lincoln, UK




Creation Con August 19-20, 1989

Creation's "very first"  B&B convention

San Jose, CA
Le Baron Hotel

Guests: Roy Dotrice and Howard Gordon (and 850 fans!)




Creation Con

Sept. 23-24, 1989

Advertised as a 1/2 B&B, 1/2 Star Trek convention


Sheraton O'Hare Hotel

Guest: Tony Jay




Creation Con

Oct. 21-22, 1989


Day's Inn Airport Hotel

Roy, Howard Gordon, and Robert Guttke




Creation Con

Oct. 28-29, 1989

Arlington, Virginia

Hyatt Regency in Crystal City
 "our first stop on the East Coast"

Guests: Roy Dotrice and Howard Gordon




Creation Con

November 18-19, 1989

Los Angeles

Airport Hilton and Towers

(tentative guests Tony Jay, Howard Gordon, Judy Evans).




Creation Con

March 10-11, 1990 
Advertised Guest Roy Dotrice



March 1990

UK Chamber Convention


Guest: David Greenlee




Creation Con

March 10-11, 1990

San Diego

Advertised Guest: Jay Acovone




Creation Con

May 26-27, 1990
 Tacoma, WA
Guest:  Jay Acovone




July 20-22, 1990

Tunnelcon I: A Beauty and the Beast Celebration

The Sahara Hotel

Las Vegas, Nevada

Chairperson - Betty Nieswender

Registration - Dorothy Seltzer

Treasurer - Darrilyn Malone

Art Show - Rose Badgett

Banquet - Laura Bennett

Souvenir Book - Carol Kyne

General Secretary - Cheryl Shettel

Betty Niewswender, ran the first 3 cons (Tunnelcons 1-3 in Las Vegas).




Creation Con

Aug. 4-5, 1990

“B&B + other show" Creation con

Philadelphia, PA

Hershey Hotel

James Avery and fan Stephanie Wiltse as B&B guests




Creation Con

Aug. 25-26, 1990

B&B + other show" Creation con


Armin as B&B guest.




Creation Con

Oct. 27-28, 1990

San Jose, CA
Le Baron Hotel

B&B guest: Armin Shimerman




Creation Con

Nov. 3-4, 1990

"B&B/Star Trek/Sci-Fi" con

Los Angeles

Airport Hilton Hotel

Edward Albert as its B&B guest.




Creation Con

Nov. 17-18, 1990

B&B/Star Trek Creation con

Sacramento, CA

El Rancho Hotel

Edward Albert as the B&B guest




Creation Con

November 23-25, 1990


(not a B&B con - it included Star Trek, Quantum Leap, etc.)

Penta Hotel

Guest Ron Perlman




April 12-13, 1991

Festival of Dancing Light Convention


Hosts: Bob and Monica Kerwin

 Ritch Brinkley




Creation Con

May 4-5 1991

international B&B convention"


Penta Hotel

Guests: Roy, James Avery, Irina Irvine, Linda Campanelli, Shelly Moore

and two fan writers Sharon Wells and Kay Simon




May 10-13,1991

Celebration of Life Cruise

Guests: Ritch Brinkley & Kathi, Armin Shimerman & Kitty




June 14-16, 1991

South of Oz: Where Magic Meets the Sea and Dreams Become Reality

Kissimmee/Orlando, FL

Hyatt Hotel

Guests: Ron Perlman, Roy Dotrice, Jay Acovone

Ellen Geer, Ren Woods

Charity: Make A Wish Foundation, Inc.


no tote bag this Con





June 28-30, 1991

"A Midsummer Night's Dream"

by FAN-OUT, Inc. (Marion McChesney, Victoria H. Clark, and Barbara L.B. Storey)
 St. Louis, MO

Henry VIII Hotel

Guests: Jay Acovone, Armin Shimerman, Ritch Brinkley

Linda Campanelli & M.M. Shelly Moore




August 1991Masquerade I

Birmingham, England

Guests: Armin Shimerman and Kitty, David Greenlee

Roy Dotrice and Kay



June 12 - 14, 1992

Tunnelcon II A Carousel Fantasy

The Stardust Hotel

Las Vegas, Nevada

Guests: Ritch Brinkley, Ron Koslow





Halloween Con
  Solingen, Germany




May 28 - 31, 1993

Masquerades ‘93

2nd Major British Beauty and the Beast Convention

The Grand Hotel

Birmingham, England

Jacqui Clarke & Gwen Lord

Guests: Ellen Geer and Michael Alsop, Roy Dotrice and Kay,

Armin Shimerman, Jo Anderson




July 1993

Great Expectations: A World of Dancing Lights

billed as the "Fourth International Convention"

Austin, TX

The Doubletree Hotel

Edward Albert,
. Con registration - Paulette Edwards

Con Fanzine/Music Videos - Teri Jonhson

Dealers' Tables - Lucy Green

Art Show - Kristene Newcomb
Proceeds benefiting the Pediatric AIDS League of Austin

 Guests: Roy and Kay Dotrice, Edward Albert, Terrylene, Ritch Brinkley

and Kim (KC) Clark




May 1994, Sheffield

Masquerade 3

Guests: David Schwartz, Roy Dotrice, Myhr




July 8-10, 1994

Tunnelcon III A Family Reunion

The Stardust Hotel

Las Vegas, Nevada

Chairperson - Betty Neiswender

Registration - Barbara Hix

Dealers’ Room - Chris Parker

Art Show - Wendy Litteer & Pat Maryolive

Panels & Schedule - Beth Druhan

Souvenirs - Paulette Curry

Fan Quality Awards - Kay Anderson

Guest Hospitality - Laura Bennett & Esther Crowley

Writers’ Workshop - Dorothy Seltzer

Costume Contest & Talent Show - Colene & Pearlene Wadkins, Lorene Vander  Kraats, Martia West

Video Room - Woody Bernardi

Master of Ceremonies - Jamie Murray

Souvenir Book - Carol Kyne & Russell Allen

[Novtek created a video for this con]

Guests: Edward Albert, David Schwartz, David Greenlee, Myhr




June 10, 1995

Roy Dotrice Reunion






July 7-10, 1995

 A Distant Shore: The Fairy Tale Continues…

Los Angeles, CA

Guests: Roy Dotrice, Ren Woods, Ron Perlman, David Greenlee, David Schwartz, Edward Albert, Jay Acovone, Terri Hanauer, Caitlin O'Heaney, Judy Martinez, Corey Danziger, Bill Calvert, John Franklin, Ellen Geer, Ritch Brinkley, Ron Koslow, Howard Gordon, Steve Kurzfield, Robert W.Sigman, Tom Szwak

Charity: Laguna Shanti, Laguna Beach, CA,




May 24-27, 1996

A Moment In Time

Manchester, England

Sacha's Hotel,

Guests: Roy Dotrice, Jamie Murray




July 12-13, 1996

 A Kingdom by the Sea: A Romantic Celebration

"The Seventh Annual International Beauty and the Beast Convention"

put on by Lynn Musacchio and the DreamSeekers

Norfolk, VA

Omni Waterside Hotel

Guests: Caitlin O'Heaney, David Greenlee, Jay Acovone,

David Schwartz, Judy Martinez, Linda Campanelli, Jamie Murray

Charity: Samaritan House of Virginia Beach



"A Kingdom By The Sea"
Fan Choice Awards Winners


1. Favorite Single Story Zine:

Beyond Beginnings Book 2 - Linda Barth
The Quickening - Teri
In Search Of Angels - Trish Kehoe


2. Favorite Anthology Zine:

All Things Are Possible Volume VII - Sandy P. Shelton
Bondstories: IX - Joyce Kleikamp
A Distant Shore Con Zine - Carousels & Caverns Community


3. Favorite Single Story:

Everything To Lose - Sandy P. Shelton - All Things Are Possible VII
Counterpoint - Linda Barth - Soulmates - A Neverending Dream
Safe Haven - Teri - Bondstories: IX


4. Favorite Poem:

Wave Of Passion - Pat Leslie - 1996 Calendar
The Haven - Ben Bock - The Mirror Pool
Father's Grace - Peg McNabb - Beyond Beginnings Book 2


5. Favorite Fan Publication:

The Crystal Rose - Joann Grant & Vicki Thomas
Soulmates - A Neverending Dream - Barbara Hill
Classic Connection - Joyce Kleikamp


6. Favorite Foreign Zine:

Two of a Kind - Rosemarie Hauer
Thanks to the Human Heart - Rosemarie Hauer
One Moment in Time - Marilyn Preston


7. Favorite Work In Other Media:

1996 Wave of Passion Calendar - Sandy C. Shelton & Pat Leslie
1995 V/C Calendar - Rosemarie Hauer
Songs of the Blue Bird Web Page - Eric Tullis


8. Favorite Cover Art:

Passion of the Moment - All Things Are Possible VII - Sandy C. Shelton
Cover of Soulmate - Soulmates - A Neverending Dream - Terri
Cover of Demons at the Gate - Vincent's World Novel 8 – Terri


9. Favorite Art:

Vincent (Eyes of Love) - All Things Are Possible VII - Sandy C. Shelton
Vincent - Beyond Beginnings 2 - Terri
Vincent (Dreamer) - Love Songs - Mickey Sayles


Thanks to Songs of the Bluebird site for this info





July 11-13, 1997

Of Things That Are Not and That Should Be:

Reflections: A Beauty and the Beast Celebration on the First Ten Years

Minneapolis, MN

Guests: Jay Acovone, Ren Woods, Eric Weiss, David Schwartz

Charity: St. Joseph's Home for Children of Minneapolis,





August 23-24, 1997

A Moment In Time

Manchester, England

Guests: Christopher Toyne, Myhr




March 27-29,1998

Beauty at the Beach: To See the World in a Grain of Sand

Virginia Beach, VA

Guests: Jay Acovone, David Schwartz,

 Margaret Beserra, Myhr

Charity: Samaritan House of Virginia Beach,





August 1998

Roy Dotice Reunion

Lincoln, UK

Guest: Roy Dotrice



May 1-2, 1999

A Moment in Time

The Manchester, England

Hotel International

Guests: Christopher Toyne, Jamie Murray, Myhr 




July 16-19, 1999

A Kingdom by the Sea Revisited: The Romance Continues

Orlando, FL

Holiday Inn International Drive Resort

Guests: Ron Perlman, David Schwartz, Edward Albert, Linda Campanelli.

Charity: American Cancer Society




July 7-9, 2000

 A Distant Shore II: Remember Love

Los Angeles/Burbank, CA

Hilton Burbank Airport

Guests: Ron Perlman, Roy Dotrice, Kevin Barnes

Charity: The National Multiple Sclerosis Society-San Diego Chapter,





September 30 - October 1, 2000

Masquerades 2000
        Forte Posthouse 'Albany', Nottingham, England

Guests: Jamie Murry, Myhr, Christopher Toyne




July 13-15, 2001

Once Upon a Time in NYC: A Homecoming

New York, NY

Holiday Inn Midtown

Guests: Jay Acovone (Joe), Edward Albert (Elliot), Linda Campanelli (writer)
Jamie Murray (Myhr), David Schwartz (producer)

Charity: New York Foundling Hospital,





May 4-6, 2001

A Moment in Time
 Stockport, Manchester, England

Davenport Park Hotel

Guest: Christopher Toyne





 A Kingdom by the Sea: A Celebration of Love

Orlando, FL

Charity: American Cancer Society & Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Alliance (SIDS),

www.cancer.org & http://www.sidsalliance.org/




May 24-27, 2002

A Moment in Time
 Stockport, Manchester, England

Davenport Park Hotel




July 11-13, 2003

 Follow Your Heart: Beauty and the Beast By the Bay

San Francisco, CA

Crown Plaza Union Square

Chairperson: Deb Smith

Guests: Roy Dotrice, Jay Acovone, Lee Holdridge, Jamie and Myhr, David Schwartz

 Charity: National Alliance for Caregiving,





January12-18, 2004

Winterfest Online
First International Online Convention


The idea of Winterfest Online was born in 2003 in the brain of a European newbie

who attended the "real" convention in San Francisco, and who wanted to

share some of the same wonderful times she had there with

the many B&B fans unable to attend a real con. (Though anyone

who has been to a "real" con will tell you that nothing compares with meeting otherfans in person – we encourage you to attend a

"real" con if at all possible.)


WFOL is organized by the Wintercandlemakers Committee, a group of

B&B fans made up of members from nearly all the corners of fandom: new

fans as well as day one fans, from at least 6 different countries and speaking

at least 5 different languages; some have had the opportunity to meet in the real

world, others do not even know one another's faces. The only background

they have in common is a passion for Beauty and the Beast, a desire

to help the fires of B&B fandom to burn a little more brightly, and the will to

spend a few months focused on the task at hand, planning for, gathering and organizingthe various offerings into a workable whole. Though

individual members are generally involved in active fandom,

as a group they are affiliated only with one another –

not with any particular fan-club, website, mailing list, etc.

The composition of the group changes slightly over the years.






July 9-11, 2004

Of Love and Hope: A Summerfest Family Reunion

 Kansas City, MO

Hotel Phillips

Chairperson: Lori Hicks

Charity: Shadow Buddies,





September 17-19 2004

Candles and Caves

Weston Super Mare - England

Dauncey's Hotel




January 8-16, 2005

Winterfest Online

2nd International Online Convention




July 8-10, 2005

Catherine and Vincent’s Excellent Adventure

Burlington VT

 Charity: Breast Cancer




January 7-15, 2006

Winterfest Online

3rd International Online Convention

Charity: Doctors without Borders





July 7-9, 2006

  Remember the Magic

Denver CO

Red Lion Hotel

Guests: Jay Acovone, Lee Holdridge

Charity: Food Bank of the Rockies





January 6-14, 2007

Winterfest Online

4th International Online Convention




July 6-8, 2007

Perchance to Dream: A Life Without Limits

 Culver City (LA), CA

Culver City Radisson Hotel




July 11-13, 2008:

 A Life Without Limits

New Jersey/New York