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Chat Schedule

Winterfest Online 2007

January 6 - 14
Yahoo Groups FAQ

The remaining chats are planned to be in Yahoo Messenger. (What a shock! LOL!)


"Special" chat transcripts
Talent show performances
January 12 - role play chat
January 13 - chat with Lee Holdridge
January 14 - chat with Judy Shimizu


And on to plan C. Warning! Firefox has issues with it. Use Internet Explorer. Yes, it's in Italian. (We said it was plan C! LOL!) 

And one more option to try. (So many chatroom adventures this WF. Sigh.)

Winterfest Online is even more pleased than we were before to announce that we have a different chat room now, (thank you, Ginger), one that we hope behaves a lot better than the last one. (They all seem to have their quirks, but this is the best one we've seen so far.)

We will have some special-purpose chats too, and here's the schedule for them. Please note that the talent show will take place on Yahoo Messenger, which supports voice. See below for more info about Yahoo Messenger.

Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
                2 pm EST
Judy Shimizu
  4 pm EST
DOW epi watch

    4 pm EST
SND chat
4:00 pm EST
talent show 
9 pm EST
Welcome chat
     9 pm EST
role play anyone?
7pm EST
Lee Holdridge


11 am Hawaii = 1pm PST = 3pm CST = 4 pm EST = 9 pm UK = 10 pm CET =  6 am Japan =  9 am NZ
4 pm Hawaii = 6 pm PST = 8pm CST = 9 pm EST = 2 am UK = 3 am CET = 11 am Japan = 2 pm NZ

YM Chat directions

You will need Yahoo messenger in order to attend or participate in the talent show. 
If you have already have YM version 7, we recommend you do NOT upgrade to version 8.

Install YM 


After you have installed YM, send a message including your yahoo id to the wfol yahoogroup to let us know you want to join the chats, or send a friend request to yahoo id jecris27.

In order to join the talent show chat, have YM loaded, logged in, and set to Available (or whatever, so long as you're visible) at the advertised time. We will send you an invite when we start, or if you have technical difficulties, we'll still invite you even if you're late. :-) Good luck, and if you run into trouble, send us a message.

Try one of these links if you need help converting to your local time zone.