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Winterfest Online 2006

January 7th - 15th
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Answer the questions below to get your B&B related motto.
1. What color are your eyes?
2. Are you a risk taker?
3. How's your memory?
4. Do you wear nail color?
5. Do you follow your gut feelings or the logical path?
6. Are you a:
7. What's your favorite Ice Cream flavor?
8. What's your natural hair color?
9. Do you:
10. How old are you?
11. What do you think about communal bathing?
12. Do you like the dark?
13. How is your sense of direction?
14. Would you enjoy spelunking?
15. What's your reaction to dirt and dust?
16. Your favorite dining style would best be described as:
17. How do you feel about candle light?
18. Do you like raccoons?
19. How would you feel about having no doors for privacy?
20. Do you recycle?
21. What's your name?