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January 15, 2006


Winterfest Online 2006 is over -- now you are on a mission, fellow fans!



Dear Friends,


Winterfest Online 2006 is over. The Great Hall falls silent and empty, quietly waiting to be filled again with voices and laughter, people and dreams, next year... maybe. We are just leaving the room, but the virtual Great Hall will remain active for some time, for you all to catch up with all that you missed during these frantic 9 days. Take your time to browse, and enjoy.


It was beautiful, and rewarding. The dream to gather the online community, which was born as a challenge, hit its third year. Will there be a fourth year? Maybe. It depends on you. Keep the dream alive. Be active. Write, talk, dream, chat... let everybody know that you are here, that there are a lot of people who love Beauty and the Beast, and who, next year, will still be here, willing to again fill the Great Hall, and to contribute to the making of another Winterfest Online.


Our fandom is special for many reasons, one of them is that it has to nourish its own life, still cherishing, after 16 years, the dream started with a little show abandoned after two seasons and a half. We hoped in the release of the second and third seasons of the VHS tapes, in a feature movie, in a miniseries, in the DVD... well, the one only certainty we have is *ourselves*... and here we are. Beauty and the Beast, that little TV show, has its own life, despite the lack of official promotion coming from The Power That Be (TPTB). We are still here, with our beloved characters, with our hopes and stubborn dreams.


That is why we wanted to make of our event a feast, not simply yet another website filled with B&B goodies to visit and enjoy in solitude. The best part of the B&B dream is the community, and we wanted to have the people from all over the world gather and meet each other. Isn't it great to see how many of us are still here?


Now, each and every fan has the mission to keep that candle they lit on the wonderful map filled with lights, brightly burning. Many of the guests we interviewed felt  that the best reward for those who offer their work to fandom is *feedback*, and we WinterfestCandlemakers agree.  Let us understand that you are there and that you appreciate, that it is worthwhile to spend hours and blood, sweat and tears for this crazy passion we share. Let us know that there are a lot of people who share our passion.


Look at the candle you have lit during this Winterfest, and find your own way to share its light. Feedback and participation are the way to go, not only at Winterfest Online. There are beautiful active websites with guestbooks where you can leave words of encouragement, there are the mailing lists where you can talk to other fans, there are the sites hosting fic and art, the monthly episode-watching chats... and then there are the conventions and all the non-virtual opportunities to keep the dream alive.


"Even the greater darkness” -- even the oblivion of the TPTB, even the

time that passes, even the harshness of the real life -- “is nothing...so long as we share the light".



The WinterfestCandlemakers

January 15, 2006