WFOL2006 was put together by a group of fans - The Wintercandlemakers2 Committee - from all over the world, because Beauty and the Beast is loved all over the world. We are new fans as well as day one fans; some had already worked on last year's WFOL2005, others have joined this year; some have had the opportunity to meet in the real world, others do not even know one another's faces.

They are, in alphabetical order:

Annik, from France

Chan, from USA-Michigan

Cosi, from France

Deb, from USA-Louisiana

gabi, from Spain/USA-Maryland

Ginny, from USA-Virginia

J'ecris, from USA-Minnesota

Jeff, from USA-New York

JoAnn, from USA-Virginia

Lesley, from England

Lynn, from Scotland/Japan

Rosemarie, from USA-New Jersey

Sobanme/222333, from Italy

Tunnelmom, from USA-Wisconsin

All of them helped in their own unique, creative, time consuming and loving ways to again make Winterfest as entertaining and as memorable a tribute to B&B as possible. Some of their contributions put a brighter glow on the celebration, while others were absolutely essential, the event being impossible without them. They know who they are: thank you.

Thanks must be extended to husbands, families, friends (hello Marcus!), and coworkers who had the patience to tolerate these last four months of foolishness on our part, and even support and help us!

The Wintercandlemakers would like to express our most sincere and heartfelt appreciation to everyone who helped make this Winterfest a success. B&B fans are a generous group, and many have given of their time, talents and skills to help create this event: those who

submitted their art, writing and crafts; those who made web pages, wallpapers, videos, and other computer generated art so appropriate to an online event; those who wrote the Round Robin installments; those who performed in the talent show, the webmasters who made their sites a part of our treasure hunt, one of the favorites among the many treats of our event.

We also express our gratitude to those writers, artists and webmasters who took time to answer our many interview questions. For years their work has been available to help us keep the dream alive. We add an extra thanks to those who allowed Winterfest to be the place where they displayed their works online for the first time.

All of those contributions were easily attributable to their creators, but there were others behind the scenes who also gave generously of their time and talents. A very special thank you goes to Lynn Wright for the beautiful sites she built for the event, to Linda Wong and to her magical

scanner, and to Eva for translating messages and events from English to German.


Anna Kelley

Annette Lawrence


Beth Bornholdt


Claire Cosi

Clare Sieffert


Darlene Jones


Debbie Harland

Edith Crowe


Elizabeth Hanninen

Eric Tullis





Heather Andrews

Jan Sutter

Jane Freeman


Jennifer Debono

Jo Fredericks

Joan Stephens

Joann Baca



Lesley Burton

Linda Liberski

Lindsey Aubel


Lynn Wright


Marina Broers

Marlo Dianne



Pablo Giovine

Pat King


Rachael Field


Rosemarie Hauer

Sally Perkins


Sue Gregory

Susie Young



Trisha Kehoe



Wayne R. Kelley


And we would be remiss if we didn't thank our visitors, whose presence, comments and enthusiasm, and, last but not least, participation in the interactive activities, transformed Winterfest Online from planned schedule to the festive party it was intended to be.

Oh, and of course, thank you to you, Beauty and the Beast characters.

In some Alternate Universes, perhaps just in the alternate universe of our hearts, you are "real", because we made you real, like the Velveteen rabbit tale taught us. This is a homage to you, especially to you.

Thank you for existing.