"Where Would I take this tale?"


From our interviews to the fanfic authors, we learned that writers often

have beginnings to tales but no ends. Middles but no beginnings or

endings. Many have files full of snippets, bits and scraps, little

pieces of stories just waiting to find the perfect home. It isn't just

novice writers either...


In fact, Edith Crowe and Rosemarie Hauer have presented to Winterfest two

unfinished stories. We thought you might enjoy reading them and

wondering, "where would I take this tale."


Think about the Possibilities! Take them, read them... and finish the

story, if you feel like it. Perhaps we will ask you to submit your

endings, for a next year... who knows? In the meantime, enjoy!



Edith Crowe’s unfinished story         Rosemarie Hauer’s unfinished story